5 home office solutions to make working from home work for you

With more people working from home than ever, there’s never been a greater need for a dedicated home office – or even just somewhere quiet to reliably set up shop. Whether you need a brand new room kitting out, or have an existing office that needs updating, Bourne’s Fine Furniture offers a number of solutions to boost your productivity while working at home…

1. Office storage

Bespoke Office | Bourne's Fine Furniture

As the old saying goes: “Tidy space, tidy mind”.

It’s no secret that a cluttered workspace can wreak havoc on productivity levels, and an area without any real storage option can be a breeding ground for loose papers, files, pens and cables. The good news? Adding order to your business when working from home doesn’t have to be difficult, and there’s a range of storage items available for your choosing at Bourne’s Fine Furniture– from sleek secretaires to sturdy filing cabinets and full floor-to-ceiling storage units.

2. Desks

Bespoke Desk | Bourne's Fine Furniture

We’re strong believers that a desk is best tailored to the individual, and what kind of workspace is an office without one? By working with you to decide materials, height and features, we can help create a desk you’ll be proud to work at – and one that works with your needs in mind. A desk can also be installed in any room of the house if a full home office isn’t an option – just let us know where it’s going and we can match it to any existing furniture or colour.

3. Media Unit

Keep screens and cables tidied and stored away with an office media unit, which provided added versatility to your workspace. Those who benefit from background noise while working will thrive with a television in the room, which is perfect for catching up on the day’s news. It can also be hooked up to video calls – making for smoother multitasking in a Zoom conference meeting. By keeping loose wires hidden away, a media unit keeps distractions at bay while providing a home for a second screen for your convenience.

4. Fully-fitted office

If you’ve a spare room to convert, we’ve got the expertise to fill it, and can include any selection of storage, desks and/or media units for a fully-fitted office. We’ll work with you to determine measurements and optimum shelving height for your comfort, as well as other additional needs to make your workspace truly yours.

5. Multi-use rooms

Luxury Bespoke Kitchen in New Oak Barn - Bourne's Fine Furniture

If the nature of your work doesn’t justify a full office, then how about refitting your kitchen to accommodate your workspace? A breakfast bar or kitchen island are the perfect height for a few hours’ work, and also add an open, social element to your kitchen. Well-lit and spacious, working in a kitchen is an ideal alternative if an office isn’t an option – plus the tap’s nearby to keep your hydration in check!

Bourne’s Fine Furniture has more than 20 years’ experience creating bespoke office storage and furniture solutions, tailored exclusively to your needs.

For more information on home offices and quotes on furnishings, please contact Ian at ian@bournesfinefurniture.com.